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What is File Extension ODT

What are Open Office (.ODT) files?

The OpenDocument format is a file format for processing electronic office documents such as spreadsheets, charts, presentations and word processing documents. While the specifications were originally developed by Sun, the standard was developed by the Open Office XML technical committee of the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) consortium and based on the XML format originally created and implemented by the OpenOffice.org office suite (see OpenOffice.org XML). The OpenDocument standard meets the common definitions of an open standard, meaning the specification is freely available and implementable.

Applications which can open ODT documents

OpenDocument is supported by OpenOffice, StarOffice, IBM Workplace, KOffice, Abiword and we know that Corel (Word Perfect) and Gnumeric are working towards supporting it. There are also projects to add a plug-in for MS Office to read and write OpenDocument files.

In addition, because the format is open, well documented, and actually quite understandable (for someone who knows XML), you are guaranteed to always have a quick access to the document even if you don't have any particular program which supports its file extension.

What you can do is:

Change the file extension to .zip
Unzip the file (yes, OpenDocument files are just zip files).
Grab Notepad and open the file called 'content.xml'
Scroll some ways down and you'll see all the document content.
The most common filename extensions used for OpenDocument documents are:
*.odt for word processing (text) documents
*.ods for spreadsheets
*.odp for presentations
*.odg for graphics
*.odf for formulae, mathematical equations

As long as we still have basic text editors around, it will always be possible to extract the content of the file extension ODT. This is because XML files are used as a data interchange format meaning that their role is to abstract the content from the presentation, metadata and backed layers.

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