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Faster Streaming Media With Esr-9750g Long Range Wireless Router

Up until recently, consumer wireless router technology was unable to keep up with the demand for wireless media streaming or high capacity long wireless network. While watching your favorite back-episode of Heroes, the video feed might periodically stop to buffer more data. In the middle of a relaxing Sunday afternoon, your wireless streaming music slows down and, eventually, drops out. And, sometimes the signal is completely unattainable, making it impossible to watch an interesting podcast or hold an important video conference.

Luckily, a new breed of wireless routers has appeared on the market. Using the new 802.11n platform, these long range routers exceed the performance standards of the older 802.11 a/b or g technologies. These models deliver transmissions up to 6x faster than even the newest of the g routers. Specifically, the 802.11n wireless routers are able to perform at a rate up to 300mbps (megabits per second) versus the previous 54mbps (megabits per second). Faster speed means faster buffering, and smoother wireless video streaming. In the nutshell, speed of wireless router is totally proportional to the wireless video streaming and buffering. People can also use long range wireless network within or outside of the home with EnGenius’ Long-Range’ products like smart antennas, range extenders etc.

Leading these new routers is the EnGenius long-range wireless multimedia router: ESR-9750G. Since 1999, EnGenius Technologies has been developing wireless communication products for the business market. Using their expertise in that high-volume digital environment, the engineers have created a consumer wireless router that can easily handle the demand for home wireless streaming media. These long range wireless routers promise high speed with flaw less flow of data to satisfy your ever surging demand for the speed and streaming media.

The EnGenius ESR-9750G uses the new 802.11n standard technology, which allows the device to operate at those remarkably faster speeds. And, like most of the new wireless routers, the EnGenius model can communicate on the 40 MHz bandwidth channel, which has the ability to carry double the data as the commonly used 20 MHz bandwidth. With the ESR-9750G, you can even set the router to auto select the bandwidth channel for optimal performance.

Aware of the poor reliability of home wireless routers, the engineers at EnGenius capitalized on their expertise by making a few powerful additions to the basic 802.11n technology. Specifically, the ESR-9750G has three standard upgradeable Smart Antennas with MIMO (Multiple In, Multiple Out) Technology, a Universal Repeater feature (also known as a wireless range extender) and QoS (Quality of Service). This wireless range extender accepts the signals to throws them at the rapid fire rate using the access points.

To ensure uninterrupted communication, the ESR-9750G has three smart antennas using MIMO Technology. These smart antennas are able to mediate the transmissions between wireless devices and the ESR router. Even with multiple communications, the antennas are able to prioritize throughput to ensure smooth streaming results. The smart antennas are compatible and can ensure accurate streaming results.

If you are listening to wireless streaming music with Vista, and your roommate is playing World of Warcraft on his own wireless laptop, the smart antennas will act as digital “traffic cops” preventing one signal from interfering with the other. While the MIMO Technology is not unique to the ESR models, most routers in its class have only two antennas. More wireless antennas and wireless range extender result in a better streaming experience since more data can be handled at one time.

Also unique to the ESR models is something called the Universal Repeater Feature (also known as a wireless range extender); this feature increases the range of wireless communication by redistributing an existing wireless signal. The EnGenius’s Wireless Range Extender is the easy way to increase the effective coverage of your wireless network. Unlike adding a traditional access point to your network to expand wireless coverage, the EnGenius’s Wireless Range Extender does not need to be connected to the network by a data cable. Just put it within range of your main access point or wireless router, and it "bounces" the signals out to remote wireless devices. Dead spots are virtually eliminated since the device is able to send out a beacon to all corners of your home. So if the wireless router is in a home office in the basement, Mom can still watch home videos over YouTube on her laptop from the comfort of her bedroom.

And, if your home is particularly large, or you just want the added assurance of uninterrupted wireless streaming media, EnGenius has made their antennas detachable and upgradeable. Such antennas are router friendly also. You can purchase a more powerful set that further increases the range and sensitivity of your router.

In addition to efficient wireless communication, the new 802.11n routers improve performance for all your networked devices – including VoIP, network attached storage and, of course, wireless gaming systems. With QoS (Quality of Service) Technology, the wireless router is able to prioritize all forms of digital communication. As expected, the EnGenius models use QoS, making them a very friendly addition to homes with multiple networked devices and intensive use of digital streaming media.
While there are many limiting factors affecting the quality of your wireless streaming media experience, your router no longer needs to be one of them. No, you cannot change the speed or effectiveness of your service provider. And you cannot change the number of people downloading the same HD video at the same time. However, you can change the strength and performance of your home wireless network, simply by upgrading to an ESR-9750G wireless router or through wireless range extender. Eliminate the headaches and give yourself an optimal environment for all your wireless streaming media – from digital music and videos, to games and beyond.
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