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Difference Between Computer Rental and Computer Leasing

If you have a need for a computer for your home or business, but cannot afford to buy one outright, you have two basic options: you can rent a computer or you can lease one. While these two options may seem very similar, there are actually major differences between renting and leasing. Both are convenient, but for different situations. Understanding these differences will help you choose the best option for your needs.

What Is Renting a Computer

Renting a computer is a lot like renting a car. This is usually done for a temporary and short need for a computer. You pay a fee, which is far less than the cost of actually buying a computer, and are given a computer to use. This can be just one computer or it can be a complete network, depending on your needs, but you will only be using the equipment for a short period of time, ranging from a few days to a few months.

When Renting a Computer Works Well

When would you want to rent a computer? There are many situations when it might be convenient. Consider these options:

• School - Do you want to offer a short computer training program at your school or college setting? Renting a setup would save you money, and you could charge an additional fee to your students who wish to take the class. When the training period is over, you simply return the equipment.

• Conventions - When you present at a convention, you may wish to have specialized equipment to use to display your PowerPoint presentation. Instead of lugging your own equipment with you, dealing with it at the airport, and setting it up once you arrive at your location, you can rent the gear, have it set up for you when you arrive, and simply bring your presentation on a disk or drive.

• Travel - In general, traveling is a time when carrying your computer is difficult, particularly if you do not have a laptop. When you rent a computer, you can have it ready, configured, and waiting for you at your destination.

• Temporary moves - When businesses move into temporary settings, setting up and then quickly taking down an entire technology infrastructure is highly inconvenient. Renting for this short period of time eliminates this problem.

Computers and other specialized equipment can also be rented to help deal with special projects. For instance, if you have a big project coming online that would require an extra printer or computer, you can rent it for the duration of the project, rather than buying it and having it sit unused most of the year.

What Is Leasing a Computer?

Leasing a computer, like leasing a car, is a more long-term commitment. You will sign a lease agreement for a set period, such as a year or longer, and if you back out of the agreement you will pay a penalty. You will typically pay monthly for the equipment you are using, and technical support is often included in the package. Sometimes the agreement allows you to rent to own, but the main benefit of leasing is the fact that leasing computer equipment cost a lot less at the outset than buying it.

When Leasing Makes Sense

Leasing makes sense when a business does not have enough capital to buy computer equipment, yet must have it for long term needs. If your business needs computer equipment, but you cannot afford to buy it, leasing allows you to avoid taking on debt to meet your need. You can preserve your lines of credit for other potential expenses. Leasing a computer also works well for individuals who need one but cannot afford to buy one, and there are many rental companies that offer individual leases for home computers. Basically, any time you or your business needs a computer but cannot afford to buy one, leasing is a convenient option.
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