Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Extending iPod Battery Life

There is nothing as annoying as being on a nice run or a long flight and having your iPod battery die...dead...buh bye....it has happened to us all and it CAN BE avoided. iPod Battery life can be as fragile-and end as unexpectedly-as real life. If you really want to know how to extend your iPod battery life, I have a few super easy tips to remember!

Here's how to help your iPod battery live long and prosper.
You Will Need

* An iPod

* iTunes

Step 1: Slide hold switch

When listening to music, slide the hold switch to On. This disables power to your iPod's controls, saving battery life.

Step 2: Disable equalizer

Disable the equalizer. Go to "Settings," then "EQ," and choose "Off." The equalizer optimizes sound quality, but it also drains your battery.

Step 3: Turn off backlight

Turn off the backlight. Go to "Settings," "Backlight," and select "Off."

Step 4: Create playlists

Create playlists in iTunes. That way you won't waste precious battery power manually selecting the songs you like. You can create a playlist on the fly right on your iPod. Choose a song title and hold down the center button until the title flashes-it's just been added to your On-The-Go playlist.

Step 5: Put iPod to sleep

Put your iPod to sleep when you're not using it. Just hold the "Play" button until the screen turns off.

RANDOM FACT: The idea for the battery grew out of Count Luigi Galvani's experiments on frog legs in the late 1700s.

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