Thursday, December 18, 2008

Maximizing Minimal Resources

Upper Deerfield, NJ, is using Laserfiche to streamline operations and maximize limited resources In order to minimize budgetary costs for taxpayers, local governments are forever searching for more creative and efficient ways to streamline operations.

Toward that end, Upper Deerfield Township has turned to document management software to build a government database that’s turning its government paperwork into electronic images and its government staff into some of the most productive in New Jersey, according to one expert who knows a little about local government. “Upper Deerfield’s document management system is bare bones yet staffers are getting everything out of it they can,” Babb says. “For a municipality with just over 7,500 residents, there’s minimal staff in Upper Deerfield’s government offices, far fewer than other municipalities I’ve seen.” Upper Deerfield made a very important commitment two years ago when elected officials and municipal staff determined that municipal record keeping management needed to be streamlined.

At that time town administrator/clerk Roy Spoltore asked for and received permission from the Township Committee to request proposals for the purchase of an information management software system. The Township Committee eventually awarded the purchase of a Laserfiche document management system. “For my use, it’s easy to find anything in the database,” says administration clerk/typist Linda Martin. “I have people that come in looking for ordinances and resolutions and things from years past and I can go right to the database without the time-consuming search through books or filing cabinets. It takes just seconds to go to the computer, put in the key words, and its right there.” Along with the storage and retrieval abilities of Upper Deerfield’s ECM system, another software program has been added to keep track of who accesses which documents in the database and when. Another software program being installed will automatically take internal working documents that staffers produce on their own computers and index and store them in the database without having to print and scan them first. “I’d love to see Upper Deerfield someday take full advantage of all the additional technology,” Babb says. “Still, I’m amazed at what Upper Deerfield Township has accomplished with the small entry level system they invested in. They really went to town on Laserfiche and maximized those features available to them.”
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