Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How Do You Choose a Computer? a Few Tips

How do you choose a computer? If you are not a computer geek, then it's hard to know how to select a new computer. You may be able to tell that you need a new one because your old one isn't working right, or is outdated.

First of all, before choosing a new computer, make sure you do in fact need a new one. You may be able to get your current computer touched up with new software and a few hardware tweaks to make it run faster. This can be cheaper, and oftentimes, more effective. It depends how old your current computer is. If it's more than 3 years old, though, that can be considered ancient in terms of technology advancement.

So let's suppose you've considered all that and, indeed, are convinced you need a new computer. Now it's time to decide: do you want a new desktop tower computer, or a notebook (laptop) computer? To determine this, think about the following criteria:

Laptop advantages:

-Portable (can be taken on trips, and even outside for sunbathing)
-Comfortable (can be used in bed or on the couch)
-Personal (it feels more like yours rather than belonging to the household)
-Private (this goes along with the personal thing)
-Takes up less space in your home
-More easy to share things socially with others
-Can be taken to LAN parties more easily
-Can be taken into the living room to watch online TV shows through the actual television

Desktop advantages:

-More conducive to hardware upgrades (to run sophisticated games and audio/video software)
-More easily upgrade-able and customizable in general (you can even change the actual case of your computer inexpensively)
-Upgrades are MUCH more affordable
-Having separate screen, mouse and keyboard is nice (however, you can always buy these and attach them to your laptop and treat the laptop like a desktop computer when you're at home!)
-More sturdy, less wear and tear (due to not moving it as often)
-It's always in the same place and can be online all the time
-They tend to be more affordable, and more powerful for the price

You'll also want to look at how much RAM and Hard Drive space are in a computer, as well as what type of processor it has. These factors will greatly affect how well the computer works for years to come. Ask the retailer to please make sure no software is installed on the computer that you won't need. This can greatly slow down your computer even when it's brand new!

Remember that any store where you'll be purchasing a computer can talk you through your steps. Go on a day that's typically not as busy, for example, during the middle of the afternoon or morning on a weekday. Evenings and weekends are notoriously busy at computer stores. This way, you'll get personalized attention and can take your time selecting your computer without the pressure.

Don't be afraid to make multiple trips. There's no pressure to buy your computer on the first trip. This may depend on how close you live to the store. Shop online at first, even buy online if you'd like. And don't be afraid to ask a computer savvy friend for advice. Most computer geeks LOVE to share their knowledge. It makes them feel good!
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pet snakes said...

Good advise. I work in the IT field and it amazes me how often people want to run out and get a new machine when a little effort on their part would get them back up and running good as new (if not better). Can't tell you how many computers I've inherited from people who just didn't want to fix them.

Not so bad now with the economy the way it was, but for a while it was almost comical.


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