Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Secure Usb Imperative

In this day and age a secure USB is not a luxury but a necessity for the company and organization utilizing valuable information. It wouldn’t make much sense to print all the company’s sensitive data and go outside the headquarters and begin to hand it out to passersby. Not only would the implication be disastrous but this would be sealing the doom of the company. But as a matter of fact if the company is not transmitting data through a secure USB you are pretty much doing the same thing. It is imperative that all sensitive and confidential data be put under the lock and key of a secure USB.

A Secure USB and Authentication

The front line defense for a secure USB is a strong authentication process. Not only does this prevent unauthorized users from accessing sensitive data but it puts it under lock and key. The data becomes accessible only to those with the right key. A secure USB offered by SanDisk Enterprise has a strong front line defense with an 8 character capacity to prevent outside hacking. A strong authentication process will also stop unauthorized persons from guessing the password and gaining access to drive. A secure USB with a strong authentication process presents a tough wall to penetrate.

A secure USB will not have its passwords stored on the host operating system where unauthorized intruders may gain access. Many thieves have gained access to passwords and compromised data. A less then secure USB that uses a software based authentication program can place the flash drive at risk. When accessing passwords that are software based the passwords can be temporarily saved on the operating system’s hard drive where intruders can gain access. The secure USB with hardware based authentication will never leave passwords where hackers can access them.

Encryption and the Secure USB

A secure USB must totally protect the data contained within from those not authorized to access it. Access can mean the loss of thousands of dollars and perhaps public confidence in a company. There are those that would exploit company data to the fullest if they are given access. SanDisk Enterprise offers a secure USB with encryption to keep confidential data safe even if the intruder happens to break a password. Encrypted files using the most advanced algorithm engineered to date will prevent access to usable data. The secure USB using encryption locks down the data inside.

The secure USB that uses data encryption puts the information stored on it into a code that must be deciphered with a precise mathematical formula. With out the right decipher code the information is just a senseless and useless jumble of numbers and letters. A secure USB using a complex algorithm will prevent the deciphering of valuable and sensitive data. The hacker wants to gain access to usable and exploitable data and encryption prevents this from occurring. A complex algorithm will stand in the way of unauthorized users from stealing and exploiting valuable company data. The second wall of defense for the secure USB is the encryption of data.
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