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Dell Lto-4 Tape Drive and Tape Library

Dell LTO4 tape format features the encryption (device level) technology which helps it to in protection of the data stored incase if the machine is misplaced, stolen or lost in a remote location. Dell LTO-4 backup media technology gives increased hardware protection with physical capacity of 800GB per cartridge (native) and 120Mb/s of native speed. All these powerful features help to alleviate overhead of administration and the backup windows are also shortened up in comparison to the LTO3 tape devices. The advance and effective features of Power-Vault Dell LTO4 tape libraries and drives make them ideal for data rich backup storage applications that require superior performance and high level of protection. Dell LTO-4-120 tape drive having double data density and has the powerful features of its predecessor.

LTO-4-120 Dell Power Vault tape drive is version of the LTO-3 110T tape drive having double data density and has the powerful features of its predecessor. In addition to all these unique features, the LTO-4 Dell tape drive also has an internal buffer (256MB) that reduces the rewind & fill times of LTO data cartridge and also enhances data access speed. Scalability of the secure data storage enterprise solutions is enhanced through Dell LTO-4 Power Vault tape libraries that have automated mechanism that are designed specifically for lowering the administrative overhead and streamlining daily work operations.

Dell Power-Vault ML-6000, TL-4000 and TL-2000 tape libraries support encryption at drive level and offer native recording capacities of 321TB, 38.4TB, and 19.2TB respectively. These Dell LTO4 tape devices have features of data protection that are built in the devices. These features include on site copies of data backup in order to prevent data loss and the WORM feature creates data records that cannot be neither be altered nor changed. All the key technologies include native 4GB per second fiber channel connectivity, barcode inventorying, SAS interfaces (3GBps) and user friendly interface that result in automated and simplified backup storage operations. Dell TL-2000 tape library provides powerful and cost effective backup operations. Power-Vault TL-4000 is an extendable version designed for mid-range growing organizations. Dell ML-6000 tape library provides superior scalability and provides the facility of on demand non-disruptive extension with modules that enables easy and simple customization. During the speeding resolutions, the failures are isolated and forecasted by the intuitive wizards and intelligent diagnostics.

Dell LTO-4 has mechanisms of “digital speed match” and accelerated cycle times of unload and load for synchronizing with the server’s data transfer speed. These features facilitate in optimizing data throughput, data resource productivity and data tape longevity. Data is considered as one of the most important and valuable asset of the company. Archived data occupies most of the storage environment’s overall capacity therefore, it is important that cost effective, efficient, reliable, secure data retrieval and data backup systems must be implemented. Data storage companies must secure and protect the data irrespective of its location and during transit so that they can comply with the rigorous service level agreements (SLA) and legislative mandates. Records that are unrecoverable or lost no matter if it is measured in expense, public image or time are very costly for the organizations. Selecting the most ideal and suitable medium for data preservation and validation of document authenticity is very critical.
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