Friday, November 21, 2008

Why You Must Back Up

It is a truly frightening statistic. Every year, a staggering 43 per cent of computer users lose irreplaceable data. The damage caused when files, photographs, music, emails or financial records are lost is immense, both personally and professionally.

Data disasters can be caused by all sorts of events, from hard drive crashes and virus attacks to accidents or even acts of God. (It is a little known fact that lightning can damage a computer's hard drive.)

That's the bad news. The good news is you no longer need to suffer PC disasters. Online back up is now a simple, easy and affordable option for everyone. There are a number of cheap, reliable and easy to use services available online.

Many of them offer large or even unlimited amounts of secure, dependable online data backup. Between them these companies now back up billions of files, and regularly restore millions of lost and seemingly destroyed files for grateful customers.

The key factors to look for in choosing the right backup service for you are:

- Type of Data.
Some users specialise in backing up, emails, photos and music, MP3 files. Others are more experienced at backing up email or program-rich website data. Research the market carefully before choosing the one that suits your needs best.

- Amount of Data.
Some backup services offer limited amounts of storage. Or they will offer you small amounts for a cheap rate, then raise their prices significantly when your needs increase. However, industry-leading companies can offer anything from 2GB of space to unlimited online storage, all at reasonable, affordable prices for both the private and commercial user.

- Planning Future Capacity.
It is also important to gauge how your storage requirements may grow over time. Don't sign up with a company whose capacity may soon be too small for your needs.

- Ease of Use.
While some users are happy to manually backup, others need the process to happen automatically for security and peace of mind. The longer established companies, in particular, offers an almost invisible and automatic service.

To summarise, in an online environment where threats from hackers and viruses are on the increase, it is increasingly important that you backup your computer data. A number of good, cheap, reliable options are now available. Research the market and choose the one that best suits your needs.
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