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Comparing Free Registry Cleaner Software to the Best Money Can Buy

If drivers, applications or software were never removed from our computers and we never surfed the net, we would probably never need to clean our registries. Bear in mind spyware and malware are types of software and they are often being removed from our computers. This, in itself, means it is necessary to clean the registry often. Unfortunately, is also true normal internet surfing will put a strain on a PC's registry. So, if we don't clean our registry, corruption will accumulate on our hard drives and the sad fact is, this will cause our computer's performance to suffer greatly.

Today's operating systems, Windows XP and Vista are much larger than their earlier counterparts like Windows 98 and 95, for instance. Because of their huge size, the new OS's will tend to be effected more negatively as it stands to reason that all the software and other types of programs that are compatible with the bigger operating systems are larger as well. Therefore, registry cleanings are becoming more important all the time in order to keep our computers from slowing down, freezing and crashing.

If a computer's registry were left uncleaned, at certain point it could actually render the computer inoperable. So, cleaning the registry regularly with a good registry cleaning program is important. It would be unwise to use a low quality cleaner, such as a free one because as you will soon see, it may not do the job so well and an inoperable computer means there will be valuable files lost. Sometimes there will be files lost that can never be replaced.

It is not uncommon to find a whole load of registry corruption when a registry is cleaned for the first time. A good registry cleaner may fine 100's of pieces of corruption on its first scan. All the free registry cleaners I have ever seen will clean a total of 50 of these corruptions. That's it! To get a more thorough cleaning, you must pay.

So that you will be sure to know the free registry cleaner has cleaned all it is going to for free, the registry software will execute a pop-up on you desktop telling you you better buy their product now! This pop-up has no close button and and it seems to follow you around wherever you surf. To get rid of this pop-up you have to go to the task manager (cntrl-alt-del) and try to close it there.

It's bad enough you only get 50 incidents of registry corruption removed and you have to put up with a annoying pop-up, but the sad saga doesn't end there. To get your first registry cleaning with a free cleaner, you have to fill out a form and summit it to free registry company. This form, of course, gives them your email address. Needless to say, they will use your email address to remind you to pay up so you can get all your registry corruption cleaned.

These free-in-name-only registry cleaners, at least the ones I've seen, are not Vista ready. This, of course will be a concern to you if you are using Vista on your computer, but it also concerns me because if it is not ready for Vista it is probably lacking in other ways as well.

To sum it all up, a free registry cleaner is probably more expensive than the most advanced ones available today. So, does this mean you get what you pay for? Not really; not when the top registry cleaner on the market is less expensive than these so-called free ones.

Don't be afraid to ask someone who has probably used a registry cleaner which one he or she would purchase. Also, somebody who is familiar with the inner workings of a computer would be able to give you a recommendation. Just don't go without a registry cleaner. That would be too risky! And please, stay away from the free ones! As you've seen they are unreliable and they are not free, either!

So, what we have learned is; there is really no such thing as a free registry cleaner. Still, a good registry cleaner is needed for the upkeep of the modern PC because registry corruption has now become a big problem and it is a problem that didn't exist a few short years ago.
You've learned a lot about registry cleaners and why to avoid free ones. Now see how all the top registry cleaners rate against one another.

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