Sunday, March 1, 2009

How To Be More Green With Web Conferencing

As the environment and green issues are at the forefront of many business concerns today, with more businesses looking for ways they can reduce their negative impact on the environment and increase environmental awareness. Many businesses do this by looking to cut down on the amount of paper and wastage that they use and create, but there are more ways in which a business can be green. Any business that hosts conferences, or has employees are regularly attend conferences, and now becoming concerned with the green issues surrounding Web conferencing.

Web conferencing is an easy and streamlined way hosting and attending conferences without having to leave the office. As a result the green benefits of Web conferencing and massive, here are a few ways in which web conferencing can help your business to reduce its impact on the environment and help to reduce its carbon footprint.
• No more travelling to conferences - with web conferencing all participants attend the conference from the comfort of their own desk. Obviously, in doing this no fuel is used in travelling to and from a conference, and less work time is taken up in attending a conference.
• Less paper is used, any material that is going to be used during the web conferencing session is simply e-mailed to all participants prior conference. Participants can then either choose to print out material or read it on screen. This not only saves paper but it also greatly reduces mailing costs for the business who is hosting the conferencing session.
• Less energy is used, as a conference hall or business centre is not being used it means that the only power that is used is the power that is used by the attendees PCs. Similarly conference organisers do not have to arrange for refreshments or overnight accommodation for attendees of their conferences. In real terms this means that conferences which may have traditionally had a poor turnout will experience larger numbers of attendees logging on to view and participate in the web conferencing session. Something which any organiser of a conference would be more than happy to see.
• Businesses that are looking to improve their green corporate image also find the web conferencing give them a step further to achieving this. Another businesses see that a business is adopting web conferencing as part of a green initiative they will notice this and it will have a positive impact on the business. Often in business some companies actively seek out other companies that make a positive contribution to reducing their negative impact on the environment, to do business with. Ensuring that your business plays a vital role in securing the well-being of the environment by such initiatives such as Web conferencing show other businesses that you're committed to the green cause.
So any business is looking to improve its green initiatives and be proactive in reducing its negative impact on the environment should look towards web conferencing is a highly positive and beneficial step towards achieving this.
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