Saturday, January 3, 2009

Malware Protector 2008 or Malware Infector?

Malware Protector 2008 is one more rogue (fake) anti-spyware program making its rounds. It is a clone of other spyware programs like Advance XP Defender and MalwarePatrolPro. Malware protector 2008 will torment you with pop-ups, trying to coax you into wasting your money on a program that actually installed malware on your computer for you.

The program invades your system through Trojan Zlob or Vondu. The most common way to come across a Trojan is through downloading videos from questionable websites. The most common culprits are adult websites, pirated software, and peer to peer (P2P) file sharing communities. Sometimes, the best things in life aren't always free, especially in cyberspace.

I have to admit, the actual program infection doesn't veer to far off the normal course, but the methods that get you there are interesting. After it silently makes its way into your files and registry, you will get the usual pop-up trying to twist your arm into purchasing the software for only $49.95—and that is at a 45% discount. Even some of the most reputable anti-spyware programs charge much less than this, and they actually work.

The pop-up should automatically set of alarms with all the typos and misspellings in the initial text. I have to think that most people who click on the posed security risk either didn't read the text or clicked on accident. The program will go ahead and scan your computer without asking you. Then you can expect to see constant threats displayed. The threats are all fake; the only real threat is Malware Protector 2008.

One of the more interesting tricks of this program is the screensaver that has bugs crawling all over it, just to make sure you know that your computer is infected. Are you scared yet? You should be. This program will now take over your files, registry, DLL, and Internet. It will hijack your homepage and hold it for ransom until you fork over some cash.

It will also install a fake tool bar that has buttons on it like “Remove Spyware,” “Scan Spyware,” “Security Test,” and “Spam Protection.” These buttons will redirect you to more sites that contain malware, making your problem even worse.

My recommendation would be to throw out your computer or remove the program. You can always manually remove a spyware program. There are removal instructions everywhere, but notice that many of these instructions differ. You really have no way of knowing if you totally removed it until you are reinfected the next time you start up your computer. The biggest problem with removing Malware Protector 2008 manually is protection in the future.

Finding a reputable anti-spyware program that removes Malware Protector 2008 and prevents reinfection is the best answer. There are programs out there that offer 100% removal guaranteed within 24 hours. They are few and far between, but there are programs that live up to their promises of removal.
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